About Carmelim

Besides a healthy diet, the environment is key to us. We designed our production line with the goal of avoiding, to the best of our ability, any damage to natural resources. We separate waste and turn organic waste into compost. Moreover, the hens in our chicken coop are fed surpluses from the packing house. We also installed solar panels on our packing house and chicken coop roofs, to generate electricity from the strong Israeli sun. We are continuously working to create a more sustainable environment.

Today our products are sold across the country, including high-end chains, markets, and grocery stores.

We invite you to join our consumers and commit to a healthy and wholesome diet.

With warm regards,


Founded by family Carmel, Carmelim is a farm located in the Jezreel Valley and produces a variety of crops. Three generations of farmers stand behind the family's story of operating the greenhouses and cultivating the fields.

Since its establishment, the farm has undergone many changes, beginning as a small farm in the 1950s. In the 1980s, the family operated a successful rose business, targeting domestic and foreign markets.

In 2000, family Carmel decided to start growing special vegetables, including asparagus, snow peas, kale, a variety of sprouts, Salanova lettuce and an additional range of green leaves.

Alongside the hydroponic greenhouses (where green leafy vegetables grow without any soil contact) and the open farming fields, we operate a cage-free chicken coop for fresh eggs. We also run a farm store, where we sell our goods and other special delicacies from the Jezreel Valley, directly to our customers.

We believe and live by the values of a healthy and balanced diet, and  strive to promote the awareness towards it. We are leading advanced and unique agricultural farming methods, which allow us to limit the use of pesticides, thus continuing our mission of producing and encouraging a healthy diet among our consumers.